How to Choose a Landing Page Builder


Landing pages are no longer nice-to-have for marketers but are crucial elements of the digital marketing mix. Before choosing a landing page builder, you should consider factors such as explained here.


Choose a landing page builder with media capabilities. A video on a landing page can enhance conversions up to eighty percent. You should consider a builder that will let you easily include several media such as animated gifts, embedded live streams, and videos on your landing pages. Since new trends are not evitable and they will come, your builder from this link ought to also be flexible.


Look for dynamic content. In 2016, the attention span of a visitor dropped by 4 seconds from eight. This implies you have a minute window to attract their attention and have them interact with your web. Dynamic content such as embedded countdowns for offers or events, payment alternatives and more is helpful in that it ups the adhesiveness of the page.


Check how easy it is to link your landing page to automation. The user journey starts with capturing a mail address then goes to the nurture phase. To keep subscribers engaged and up their interest in the products you offer them, a series of follow-ups is needed. Full-suit promotional platforms at will make your life simpler by directing those who subscribe from landing pages directly into automation. All it requires is connecting your sign-up type to an on-hand sign-up list. Marketers use about five hours to link landing pages to an automation series with split tools.


Consider integration with tracking systems and email marketing. Including an opt-in form to a landing page could take much time. First, you generate the addressee list, personalize form fields then insert the form on the page. Choose a builder that will integrate effortlessly with your mail tools so as to save time each landing page setup.


Ensure the builder allows personalization. This feature is somehow new as far as landing pages are concerned. Customizing with a visitor’s identity needs that you track their browsing actions and systems that propel data to each other. This includes the website, user management, and email tracking. Owing to this reason, you’ll only get this feature if a marketing platform has many tools. You might want to check this website at for more info about web design.


Be keen on the template system. There’s a science behind building landing pages for optimal conversions. Outcomes are influenced by factors like mobile-friendliness, call to actions, colors, videos, and layout, among more. Ensure the builder you pick provides quality receptive design s that are customizable and ready-to-use when you’ve to tweak particular elements.

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